Strength and MObility training

A combination of modern lifestyles and poor training has left many athletes susceptible to injury and sub-optimal performances. Spending hours in front of a computer screen, sitting in a car commuting to and from work, rushing off for an hour hard run before finally sitting back down to watch television in the evening is hardly the stimulus your body needs to maintain good function and movement quality.

It is therefore hardly surprising that the majority of runners spend as much time injured as they do actually running. In fact as runners, we have almost come to believe that this is the norm. At The Run Project, we look to address this issue by making people aware of their lifestyle choices, improving the structure of their training and assisting them in regaining better movement quality and control through strength and mobility work.

As with anything training related, there is no one size fits all model but there are sound principles that we look to incorporate in all our strength programs. We also have access to incredibly knowledgeable strength coaches as well as chiropractors and physiotherapists and try work closely with them in areas where we ourselves have less knowledge or expertise. Injuries and chronic pain do not have to be synonymous with running and we are firmly of the belief that we can help you in this journey of achieving pain free, happy and sustainable running.

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