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5 things to think about when getting back to training after a lockdown.

Getting back to training after time off running depends on so many complex and interlinking components. It depends on how long you’ve been an athlete, your injury history, your age, what equipment you’ve had available to you during the lockdown as well as the natural genetic functioning of your body. In general, if you’ve had […]

Desire and letting go … two paradoxically essential ingredients for victory

For a number of years now, Meg has been trying to convince me to run the Mnweni marathon (actually 38km) and finally this year things panned out and I managed to get out to the Drakensberg to finally see what she has been talking about. While my race most certainly does not validate a race […]

Goals: when to keep at them and when to let them go

I’m a huge fan of having a goal or multiple goals. And as my own coach – David – has taught me, the bigger and scarier the goal, the better! I’m also a massive believer in being persistent, dedicated, determined and doing things ‘all in’ with as much self-belief and courage that can be gathered […]